Connecting You With

The Right Lab



Connecting companies and doctors with the best lab services available.


Timely and accurate results are key in laboratory selection. We understand that not all companies and practices require the same services. We do not offer a one size fits all approach. Our expert team of consultants work with you to determine the most suitable lab to fit YOUR needs.


Today there are many labs to chose from and they all claim to be the best. Our team of experts have vetted dozen of labs and compiled a list of top performing ones  to meet a variety of needs. Contact us today to learn more about your options and let us help you better serve your clients. 



KTL Labs

KTL Labs is dedicated to connecting companies and professionals with the optimal lab processing companies. Our team of professionals carefully select the most accurate, safe, private, and fast labs for all forms of testing. No matter your business needs, our consultants will work with you at no charge to help you find the best possible lab to meet your needs. Reach out today to experience the KTL difference.

Who Are We

After years of experience on the service side of the healthcare industry our expert team discovered first hand that many labs over promise and under deliver. The importance of accuracy and speed is essential in providing quality service for many providers. Our team took it upon themselves to vet various lab service providers and determine a list of the best options to serve a variety of practices no matter the size.  We are dedicated to helping you weed through the marketing pitches and make the right lab choice, the first time.